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The Higher National Diploma or HND is a national higher education diploma is normally prepared in two years after the baccalaureate.

At the end of the training students should be able to:
Describe and use the elements of effective decision making research, assessment and consequence. Apply elements of effective decision making to areas that are central to career 
Development self assessment, market conditions and planning.
Develop the abilities to plan for effective communication
To understand management, it is imperative that we break it down into five managerial functions, namely, planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling




human resource manager, business manager 

Required level:

Baccalaureat, GCE A / L or any equivalent diploma



02 years  


Mode of formation​

Study in initial training


Double diplomation

American University of Leadership 

Offer a double diplomation with the additional units of lesson






Access mode: Admission of file review
Required level : Baccalaureat, GCE A / L or any equivalent diploma

Constitution of the admission file:

  • Photocopy of the baccalaureat or GCE A / L or the transcript
    A photocopy of the birth certificate
    A photocopy of the national identity card
    Two 4x4 photos (name on reverse)
    Two large A4 envelopes
    A non-stamped handwritten request to the Director of INSAM
    A pre-registration form to be withdrawn from the IUEs / INSAM


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